Classic Designs by Janet
Professional Architectural Portraits

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I create detailed custom watercolor paintings of homes, historical buildings, businesses, special venues, churches and corporate offices. My paintings of the wedding chapel can be given as a personal gift to the bride and groom as a cherished remembrance of their special day. Names and dates can be inscribed at the foot of the painting. Builders and realtors can show special favor to their clients building or buying a new home, or selling a home they hold dear, by presenting them with a custom painting of their home. I work closely with each client in the design of the painting.

It is a privilege to create a unique custom work of art which will bring pleasure to the recipients for years to come.

You can contact contact me by Clicking Here or by calling 928-227-0184


  • Avila Beach

    Avila Beach

  • Apple Rose Cottage

    Apple Rose Cottage

  • Clark Center for the Performing Arts

    Clark Center for the Performing Arts

  • Clark Center for the Performing Arts 2

    Clark Center for the Performing Arts 2

  • Oceano Depot

    Oceano Depot

  • House


  • House 2

    House 2

  • House 3

    House 3

  • House 4

    House 4

  • House 5

    House 5